Cherokee Main Street is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting our community, enhancing our commercial district and perserving our heritage.

We perform all the activities that one would usually associate with a Chamber of Commerce.  In addition we have access to all the community revitalization tools available through our membership in the Oklahoma Main Street Center.  This unique partnership between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce gives us guidance and support services as we work hard to keep Cherokee a viable rural community where families wish to raise their children and businesses can grow and prosper!!

Mission Statement

The Cherokee Main Street Program is a community effort to preserve and promote the heart of the community, which is our downtown.  Together, we unify the downtown historic district by creating an attractive destination in which businesses prosper, the community benefits and residents and visitors enjoy a quality experience.

Vision Statement

The vision statement for Cherokee Main Street’s downtown area as the focus where history is preserved, businesses thrive, and residents and visitors dine, shop and enjoy the history, culture, and arts in our of the community.

Get to know your Cherokee Main Street board members:

 Kyle Spade           President         news@cherokeenewspaper.com

Clint Ream Vice President cream@akslc.net 

      Paula Mahieu       Treasurer                     p-mahieu@hotmail.com

      Linda Warner         Secretary                   lmhwarner@yahoo.com


 Terry Ryel                                tryel@akslc.net

 Josh Bellamy                            josh@callbellamy.com

 Margaret Smith                        zachaboy@gmail.com                         

 Megan Rice                              megpeg0613@aol.com  

Donna Anderson                      andersond@cherokee.k12.ok.us

Mary Pat Cudmore marypatcudmore@yahoo.com

Missy Kimmanau missykimminau@gmail.com

Tiffany Ward gijane4u13@hotmail.com

Delana Hansel delanakhansel@gmail.com


Schaun Aker     Program Director mainstreet@aec.coop

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If you or your business would like to be a member of Cherokee Main Street, please fill out the attached form and mail to or bring by the main street office.  Thank you!! 

Membership Form

If you have any questions or comments please email us below:

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Cherokee Main Street                                         Phone:   580-596-6111

121 E. Main      Cherokee, OK 73728                    Email:   mainstreet@aec.coop  

                                         Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.