Cherokee 1937-1941


In the spring of 2014 a box made its way to Cherokee Main Street.  In in contained ten 8 and 16 mm films that dated back to the 1930’s.  The decision was made to develop the films and to our great delight the film Cherokee Main Street 1937 – 1941 was produced. This quaint, silent film is artistically enhanced with music from the big band era.

If you are pondering what to give as a unique gift idea this year for Christmas, consider this as a unique choice. Stroll down Grand Avenue and see the streets lined with vintage cars, shops and people from yesteryear. The clothes and stores have changed, but the smiles have not. Cherokee Main Street is making this available during the holiday season to our Cherokee family for $15.00.  We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity. 

Please call the Main Street Office at 580-596-6111 and ask for Schaun Aker, Program Manager. 

Greg GrahamComment